Thursday, June 21, 2012

Knew you were gone

This song I wrote a long time ago, back when April and I were just dating. She had a rough day and I could tell she was tired. She ended up going to bed early. So it is after midnight or so and I was so bored and lonely I started to jam a bit on the acoustic guitar. That sad little opening riff was born. After some time now I have added on to it, until it became a complete song.

This is the first time it has ever been to put to drums. I had an old demo of this where I used a Casio keyboard my parents found at a yard sale for the ambient sound in the background. Garageband has quite a few better sounds that I could use to give this a darker feel. This is a new bass line as well. I needed something to drive the slower part of the song and bridge the pre-chorus back to the verse.

Now how does this fit into the zombie apocalypse? Well it is kind of a sad story. The emotion for this one will be sadness and loss. It will be about a loved one getting infected and slowly watching them change. By the end, they will look into each other's eyes and realize there is no other way... You can figure the rest out from here right?

The song after it is called Nothing Left to Lose, so this will be near the end of the concept album.

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