Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Buh-Duh (working title)

So I wrote this one a few years back. I brought the riff over to my buddy Cory who plays drums. Together we arranged the song as it is here. My main input on the drums was during the pre-chorus, I wanted the harsh tom hits as I slammed on the guitar. It breaks up the song a bit. The title came from the way it sounds, we needed to call it something while working on it, so... buh-duh duh duh, buh-duh duh duh... you get the picture.

The chorus part came from several places I think. I was listening to a lot of Chevelle and Linkin Park (back when they were good). I think the chord progression is fun to play, I have to slide all around to hit all of the notes. This song originally had a long outtro, that would break off into a separate track, but it never really went where I wanted it.

This is one of the hardest drum patterns I put together. I followed Cory's original pattern that we recorded years ago. I had a lot of trouble getting the cymbals to sound right during the verses. Ultimately it just won't satisfy me until it is replaced with real drums. This song also doesn't have a solo. I feel like there was never a good point to put one in, it would have been forced. I am super happy with the arrangement.

So it won't have a "real" name until I get some lyrical content. But I hope it will fit into my Zombie Apocalypse themed album. Thanks for listening.

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