Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What I'm listening to right now.

Album art by Antonio Canobbio
(Same due who does the Dethalbum covers for Dethklok)

I can't stop listening to Brendon Small's Galaktikon. I'm addicted. If you aren't familiar, Brendon Small is the creater of the show Metalocalypse on Adult Swim. It is about Dethklok, the most brutal heavy metal band in the world, and they happen to be the most popular music in this world too. The show itself is very "Spinal Tap", very funny and goofy. The funny thing is, Brendon makes some awesome metal for them to play, and ended up making two real albums, and went on tour.

Anyway, since then he has also done a side project called Bendon Small's Galaktikon. It still retains a lot of that heavy Dethklok sound, but a way different vocal style. With Dethklok he does the Nathan Explosion death growl, but there is some actual singing in Galaktikon. With it being a concept album, he uses different singing styles to represent different characters. These songs are so addicting and catchy!

Especially my two favorite songs, Beastblade and Deathwaltz which are right beside each other in the line up.

Listen to Beastblade and Deathwaltz, I think it is the perfect combo of crunchy riffs and engaging lyrics that keep me so interested. I didn't even know he was working on this in between Metalocalypse and Dethklok. I heard the instrumental Dangertits while taking my wife's car out and fill up with gas. I thought to myself new Dethklok? Then I looked at the artist and all it displayed was Brendon S. I went home and googled it immediately. Not only had I missed this album coming up, but a new season of Metalocalypse had already started! Sucks getting old and having responsibilities, right?

Anyway, I went to iTunes and downloaded it right away, it was too good to be true. This will tide any metal head over until Dethalbum III comes out, I'm sure of that. I give this a 5 out of 5 for too many awesome riffages and solos!

What are you listening to? Hit me up with some new tunes!

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