Monday, July 30, 2012

The Fall of Man

This is one of my oldest songs. I wrote the original version a long time ago, probably around 2001 or so. I was working with Cory Phillips on drums and Phillip Harris on vocals. With their help we structured the song as it is today, the 3 verse / chorus, then the break, and then the chorus again. It was part of our jam lineup every time we got together.

This is the first song I recorded during this recording phase. I was just learning how to program the drums, so it took a week or so to get them right. I followed an old live recording of Cory's drum lines. Once I got into it though I changed it up a bit. I extended the verse parts with drum, bass and synth for 2 extra bars, then bring back the guitar. We never had a bass player, so all of our songs were very guitar heavy. It is nice in the recording stage to experiment a bit, and let the guitar rest some. It makes the music more dynamic.

The middle of this version is very different than the original. I added a solo and an acoustic part that were not  there before, but it still leads into the same break. I thought the solo thing flowed pretty well, so I let it keep going into the section.

This song was already named Fall of Man from back in 2001, and I thought it fit well with the tone and theme of my concept album. To me this is the point in the story where the army and government fall apart, leaving every man for themselves. Maybe the final version will be titled Fall of Civilization? There are other songs with this title out there, just trying to break it up a bit.

You might also notice, it has sort of a Rammstein sound. I had just gotten into them around that time, and couldn't get enough! It's no wonder it got into my head a bit and leaked into my writing. I am currently remixing this song for it's final output.

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